Best Bikini Trimmer 2017 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Keeping your bikini area looking good is a constant battle with hair that insists on growing where you don’t want it to. It takes a lot of effort it to keep your pubes in good shape and not sticking out of your bikini but when it’s done well it looks great. Fortunately there’s been a lot of development in hair removal technology. Making sure you get one of the best bikini trimmers on the market will reduce the pain and hassle of keeping your intimate areas in good bikini shape. We’ve reviewed the best women’s bikini trimmer options and also put together a buying guide to help you make the right choice.

bikini lineBikini Trimmer Buying Guide

Here are a few things to look out for when buying your trimmer:

Waterproof Bikini Trimmer – Getting a wet and dry bikini trimmer gives you more versatility. Sometimes you’re going to want to use it in the bath or shower.

Power Source – Trimmers come either with their own integrated batteries or require batteries to be inserted. The rechargeable trimmers are more expensive but they save you the hassle of having to buy batteries every few months. Look for a trimmer that gives you a low battery indicator. That way you know before you start whether or not there’s enough juice in the tank to get the job done.

Epilator – If you’re thinking about getting a trimmer that also has an epilator, make sure it’s wide enough so that you don’t have to make too many passes to remove the hair.

Hypoallergenic parts – Your skin in and around your pubic area is very sensitive. Make sure that the trimmer you buy uses hypoallergenic blades, foils and any other part that comes into contact with your skin.

Rounded tips – The guard that keeps the blade just off your skin can be quite abrasive. Some of the cheaper trimmers have sharp ends at the end of the fingers of the guard. Look for a trimmer that has rounded ends on the guard fingers and you’ll avoid skin irritation.

Replacement Blades – If you’re buying a trimmer that is integrated with a razor it’s a good idea to check the price of the replacement blades. If the blades are going to cost you a fortune then rather choose a different product or simply go for a standalone trimmer rather than a bundled product.

Top 10 Bikini Trimmer Reviews 2017

What is the best trimmer for pubic hair? Check out our bikini trimmer reviews below where we’ve narrowed it down to these top 10 products.

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Wet and Dry Cordless Electric Hair Removal Epilator, Ladies’ Electric Shaver and Bikini Trimmer

Braun are the absolute masters when it comes to hair trimming and removal. If you’re looking for an all-in-one, multi-function hair removal product then this is one of the best products designed especially for women. It’s an epilator, shaver and bikini trimmer all in one. The ergonomically designed power base feels really comfortable to hold and the epilator and shaving heads are a breeze to attach and detach. When you’re using the shaver or epilator you simply use one of the supplied caps to get maximum hair removal precision. The bikini trimmer cap allows for great precision. This rechargeable trimmer is cordless and waterproof so you can use it in the bath or shower.  The head of the trimmer pivots allowing it to follow the contours of your body for better skin contact. We really liked the high-frequency massage system which massages the skin while you epilate to reduce any discomfort. The facial brush attachment removes makeup and other skin impurities a lot better than regular cleansing will. It also has a light that will reveal the finest of hairs while you’re trimming so there’s no chance of missing anything. This is one of the most comfortable and effective epilator / trimmer products we’ve seen at this price.


  • Cordless
  • Rechargeable
  • Epilator, shaver and trimmer in one
  • Wet / Dry


  • A little pricey
  • It’s quite loud
  • Can’t be used when plugged in

Final Verdict: Our absolute favourite! All-in-one and great quality.

Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaper & Trimmer for Women with Compact, Portable Design and Adjustable Trim Settings, Battery Operated

This Panasonic bikini trimmer has been beautifully designed to comfortable shave, trim and maintain your sensitive bikini areas. It has a hypo-allergenic bikini razor blade that has been specially designed for use on sensitive skin. The head is perfectly angled so you get really close to the skin for precise hair removal. The trimmer head has smooth, rounded tips which helps to avoid those unsightly razor bumps you get from some of the cheaper trimmers. The shaver trim head has five positions which allows you to trim your pubic hair to just the right length if you don’t want to remove all the hair. This trimmer is not rechargeable but is instead powered by 2 AA batteries. These are not included when you purchase it and we’d suggest investing in some decent rechargeable batteries. Two fully charged batteries will give you about 45 minutes use. The trimmer head is easy to clean and comes with a little brush to keep it clear of bits of hair. It’s lightweight and so small that you can easily slip it into your purse.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Very precise
  • Easy to clean


  • Not waterproof
  • A little loud

Final Verdict: If you have sensitive skin then might be your best option.

Philips HP6378 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer, Opal / Aqua

If you want one of the best rechargeable bikini trimmer products on the market then this unit from Philips has you covered. It’s called the Perfect Deluxe and those words accurately describe both the results you get and the ease of use. This electric bikini shaver will work in both wet and dry so it’s ideal for taking into the shower. It also means that it’s simple to clean. Simply rinse it under some running water. The six precision attachments give you great control when trimming and the precision comb gives you five length settings for the hair you want left behind. This great trimmer will have you removing hair down there like a pro. It also has an epilator as well as a micro trimmer to tame your eyebrows. It’s rechargeable so there’s no need to buy additional batteries. We were really impressed with the battery life. On a full charge you’ll get around 60 minutes of trimming time. It comes supplied with a travel bag, illuminating tweezers and an exfoliation glove.


  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Plenty of attachments
  • Comes with travel bag, exfoliation glove and tweezers


  • Epilator is a little narrow

Final Verdict: Good design features and a long battery life make this a sold choice.

Remington WPG4030C Ultimate Body and Bikini Grooming Kit

This bikini grooming kit is one of the better female grooming tools on the market. It has an exfoliator that helps to prevent ingrown hairs. It also has a gentle trimmer so you can go easy on your really sensitive bits. The gentle trimmer has a covered, dual sided blade so you don’t do your delicate areas any damage. It also has a trimmer, with length guide, so you can give some clean lines and detail to your bikini area. The comfort tips on the trimmer help to keep your skin from getting irritated. It’ll trim close enough so your skin feels fairly smooth without causing any bumps. If you want to avoid ingrown hairs then make sure you use the exfoliator before trimming. This trimmer is waterproof and is designed to be used in or out of the shower. A lot of the compact trimmers require batteries so it’s really great that this unit is rechargeable.

Water proof
Gentle and regular trimmer
Built-in exfoliator

No shaver

Final Verdict: A really close shave and good waterproof performance make this a good choice if you like shaving in the shower.

Siesta Time Bikini Trimmer Shaver for Women

This is a great bikini shaving kit and what makes it even better is that it comes bundled with a free tube of coconut lemongrass shaving cream. This trimmer provides you with loads of options and is extremely versatile. The interchangeable shaving attachments and 11 different shaving stencils will accommodate pretty much every option you’re after in a pubic hair trimmer. It comes with a cleaning brush, a base that holds the different attachments as well as a handy travel bag to put it all in. The stencils are really cool as they allow you to cut your pubic hair into some sexy shapes. You can choose from a heart, butterfly, flower, swan, rabbit, peace sign, cherries, music note, star, arrow, and even a hemp leaf. We would have preferred it if this trimmer was waterproof but it is one of the best pubic hair shavers if you’re ok with not being able to use it in the shower. The trimmer blade is very precise and allows for very accurate trimming without any bumps.


  • Plenty of attachments
  • Pubic hair stencils
  • Free shaving cream


  • Not waterproof
  • Not rechargeable

Final Verdict: If you want to get arty then the stencils will clinch the deal.

Philips SatinShave Advanced Wet & dry cordless shaver

This great wet dry bikini trimmer is easily one of our favorites. It’s just so comfortable to use and left our skin feeling great. The head has a floating foil that moves to follow the contours of your skin so that you get an even shave. Some safety trimmer bars can scratch and irritate your skin but not these. Instead of squared off ends, these safety bars have rounded ends that glide along your skin without causing any irritation. It’s designed for wet and dry use so there’s no problem taking it into the bath or shower. The handle has a great feel about it. The design and anti-slip grip made it easy to hold even when trimming in some tight spots. This trimmer is cordless and rechargeable. After 8 hours of charging you’ll get around 1 hours use from it which is pretty impressive. What we really liked was the low battery indicator. It helps you to know before hand if it needs charging. That way you don’t start trimming and then get surprised that you only get half way.


  • Wet and dry use
  • Rechargeable
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Low battery indicator


  • A bit noisy

Final Verdict: Clever design features make this a good option for sensitive skins.

Codream 4-in-1 Rechargeable Electric Epilator, Lady Shaver, Callus Remover Pumice Stone Rollers and Hair Clipper

If you like the idea of having one product that can do it all then this is one of the best ladies electric shavers we’ve seen. This 4-in-1 trimmer has an epilator, a shaver / trimmer for bikini hair removal, a hair clipper for your neckline as well as a Pumice stone head to remove calluses from your feet. If you were going to buy each of these separately you’d be paying a lot more money! It’s cordless and rechargeable so you’ll never have to buy batteries for it. The epilator works at two different speeds so you can choose the one that you’re comfortable with. The shaver cuts accurately and easily trims your bikini line. We really liked the helpful LED light to help you see where you’re trimming when you’re working in a tight spot.


  • 4-in-1 function
  • Rechargeable


  • Really loud
  • Epilator takes a few passes to get all the hairs
  • Not waterproof

Final Verdict: The 4-in-1 function will save you from having to buy any other grooming product.

Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Wet or Dry Shaver, 3-Blade Cordless Women’s Electric Razor with Pop-Up Trimmer

If you like to keep things simple then this elegant shaver / trimmer from Panasonic is a great option. Its simple design and quality construction make it the best shaver for bikini area grooming. It doesn’t have loads of different attachments or functions but what it does, it does really well. It works beautifully as a shaver with three independently floating heads keeping the shaver gliding along the contours of your skin. When you want to do some trimming you simply pop out the trimmer with the push of a button. The trimmer blade is extremely sharp and is also hypo-allergenic. This means that you’ll get a really close trim while avoiding any irritation of your sensitive skin. This is a wet and dry shaver which means you have versatility of use as well as an easy job of cleaning it once you’re done. We liked how small the charger base was. It plugs directly into the outlet so it doesn’t take up any space on your bathroom counter. The ergonomically designed handle made this one of the most comfortable to hold trimmers we reviewed.

100% waterproof
Great handle
Hypo-allergenic stainless steel blades

No epilator
Charger will only hold shaver it plugged into vertical power outlet.

Final Verdict: A simple, no fuss design and hypoallergenic parts make this a great choice.

Cleancut PS335 T-Shape Personal Shaver

If you really need to get up close and personal with your trimming then you’ll need something slim and dainty like this great bikini line trimmer. There’s no shaver, epilator or other fancy features. Just a great little trimmer blade for super accurate trimming and shaping. The ultra fine comb style cutting head gets really close to the skin, leaving just about a millimeter of stubble behind. It also does this without any nicks, pulling or pinching that some trimmers cause. This trimmer is not waterproof so don’t take it into the shower with you. Also, you’ll need to brush it clean after use. It’s best for use on small areas and it does leave a little hair behind so don’t expect it to leave behind smooth skin. Because it leaves a little bit of hair behind you avoid razor bumps and ingrown hairs. The T-shape of the handle makes it very manoeuvrable so it’s easy to get at those awkward areas.

Trims beautifully
Compact and quiet
Easy to manoeuvre

Plastic construction is a little light – Don’t drop it!
Cuts to only one length

Final Verdict: If you want something small and compact then grab this great little trimmer.

Schick Hydro Silk Trim Style Razor with Bikini Trimmer

This great product from Schick combines the close shave of a razor with a great little trimmer on the other end. We’ve had a look at a few trimmer and razor combos and this is the best of the lot. The hydrating razor releases a water activated conditioning serum that helps to replenish your skin’s natural moisture, leaving your skin feeling great for up to two hours after shaving. The shaver has 5 curve sensing blades to provide a really close shave. It has cleverly designed skin guards so you get the close shave without the irritation. The trimmer is waterproof and has an adjustable comb with four different length settings. If you insist on maximum smoothness you’ve got to go with a razor. Now you can shave your legs in the shower and then flip the razor around to do some fine work with the trimmer.

Water proof
Razor shaves really close
Releases hydrating gel to soothe and moisturize skin

Replacement razor blades are a little pricey
Needs batteries

Final Verdict: If it absolutely has to be smooth then this razor / trimmer combo gets the job done beautifully.

Schick Quattro For Women Trimstyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer

If you don’t need an epilator or fancy shaver then this is a great option. It has a 4-blade shaver on the one end and a trimmer on the other. This trimmer is waterproof and the handle is designed for good grip and maximum comfort. The blade head on the razor pivots nicely to follow your curves and has Acai Berry and Jojoba conditioning strips to soothe your skin. The razor head also vibrates to make sure that every hair gets good contact with the blades. You can also use the razor without activating the vibrating function. The trimmer requires a single AAA battery to power it and this is included when you buy the trimmer.

Compact, simple design

Vibrating razor

Wet and Dry

Requires battery

Trimmer isn’t very strong

Final Verdict: A good basic, budget friendly option.

How to remove pubic hair – (how to trim down there)

When it comes to removing hair down there you really only have four options that actually work: wax, epilate, shave or trim.

Waxing is very effective as you remove the hair roots-and-all but it does take a lot of effort. If you’ve gone to a salon to have this done then you’ll know how expensive this can be too. And then there’s the pain factor. Waxing your legs is one thing but getting hot wax near your intimate areas, and then ripping it off, can be really painful. This is also not a quick process. If you’re about to head to the beach and then notice a few stray hairs peeking out from under your bikini bottom you’re not going to have time for a quick wax.

Epilating is not for the fainthearted. An epilator grabs individual hairs and pulls them out one by one. It does this really quickly but it can be really painful the first time you do it. We’d advise taking a painkiller before settling down to attempt it. It’s as effective as waxing because it removes the hair along with the root. What makes it such an attractive option is that it’s far less fuss and hassle than waxing. Some of the best bikini trimmers have a epilator built-in as part of their solution. When the hair is dry it’s easier for the epilator tweezers to grab a hold of them but you do get wet and dry epilators. Using it in the bath or shower will make it a little less uncomfortable. Either way, it’s going to hurt. In the beginning it’s actually going to hurt quite a lot. Your skin gets used to it though, and as the hairs come back finer each time you’ll find that eventually the discomfort reduces and you get quite used to it. If you’re prone to getting ingrown hairs then epilating may not be a good solution for you.

Shaving with a bikini razor is the only way to cut your pubic hair flush with your skin. If your skin is smooth and clean then this is your best option. Make sure that the hair is trimmed pretty short before attempting to shave it. You can use a scissor or trimmer to do this. Make sure that the hair and skin has soaked in warm water and then apply a moisturizing shaving gel. Make sure it’s something designed to be used on the sensitive skin of your intimate areas. After shaving, apply a moisturizer to sooth the skin. There are some great options like IntiMD Coochy Plus Intimate Shave Cream and Coochy Water Based After Shave Skin Protection. Grabbing your husband’s shaving cream or aftershave will not end well. Even if you follow all of these steps, getting razor burn and little red bumps is still a very real possibility. Shaving in the direction that your hair grows in and going over the same area no more than 3 times will reduce the chances of this happening.

An electric women’s bikini shaver won’t shave as close as a razor will but it’s an extremely convenient and fast way to trim your pubic hair to an even length.

If you don’t want to remove the hair completely but want a nicely shaped or short pubic hair area then getting the best pubic hair trimmer will help you to do this accurately. Accuracy is really important. Firstly, because you want a nice defined line and even length. Secondly, you want to be sure that you cut the hair and nothing else. The best trimmer for pubes will have hypo-allergenic blades that don’t irritate your skin.

Do bikini trimmers work?

There are loads of trimmers on the market but do they actually work? Well, it really depends on the result you’re looking for and how much money you’re willing to spend. Hair removal on any part of your body is a challenge. When it comes to the delicate areas around your bikini line or your vagina, hair removal is a particularly delicate business.

If you’re just looking to make sure that no hairs stick out the sides of your bikini bottom then just get one of the best clippers for trimming pubic hair. These will cut the hairs short enough so that you can’t see them (unless you get really close) and for most people this is fine.

Bikini pube trimmers are great for shaping your pubic hair. Some trimmers are sold with stencils that make it easy for you to cut your pubic hair into cute shapes. If you’re into that kind of thing of course.

Don’t expect a bikini trimmer to cut as close as a razor will though. If you’re looking to go completely bald and smooth then you’re going to need more than an electric shaver and trimmer. You’re going to need to use a bikini razor and work really carefully so that you don’t cut your bits. The best razor for private area maintenance should dispense a soothing gel, like aloe vera, when using it so that you prevent skin irritation.

How to use a bikini trimmer

Before trimming, make sure that the hair has been cut  to around a quarter inch. You don’t want to be trimming really long hair with your bikini trimmer.

Make sure that your skin is very clean and properly exfoliated. Exfoliating before shaving or trimming your pubic area will reduce the chances of developing ingrown hairs or getting those horrible red bumps that often come up of trimming.

Hold the head of the trimmer at a 90 degree angle to your skin. This will give you the most consistent and closest cut.

Using the trimmer without the guard on will give you the closest trim but be very careful. It’s a good idea to use the shortest guard setting first so that you avoid any accidents. After that you can remove the guard and carefully trim additional areas that you want even shorter.

You’ll be tempted to trim against the grain of your hair but this can lead to ingrown hairs and those dreaded red bumps. Move the trimmer along your skin in the direction that your hair grows for the best result.

Once the hair starts to grow a little you may feel a little stubble. If it’s long enough that you can feel it but too short to trim then give it a rub with an exfoliating pad. This will make it feel less prickly and will give you a longer gap between trimming or shaving.

Top trimmer brands

The best pubic hair trimmer brands are fairly recognisable for the most part but there are some that you may not have heard of before. Look out for these well know trimmer brands when making your choice:

Braun – They have been producing hair removal, grooming and hair care products since the 50’s. They’ve combined the best of German engineering to produce electric shavers and trimmers of all sorts. They used to be owned by Gillette (another great shaving brand) but are now owned by Proctor Gamble.

Panasonic – A Japanese company that is probably better known for manufacturing televisions but it has built up a reputation of producing some great quality hair grooming products. Their multi-function bikini shaver products are some of the best on the market.

Philips – A Dutch technology company that produce a wide array of electronic products with one of their divisions focused on lifestyle electronics. They released their first shaver back in the 30’s and since then have grown their hair care product range with great quality products.

Remington – While the brands above produce a wide range of products, Remington focuses on producing only razors, epilators and hair care products. Their efforts at focusing on these kinds of products have resulted in high quality, well designed shavers and trimmers.

Schick – Have been producing razors and hair care products since the late 20’s. They’ve been at the forefront of engineering better ways to trim and cut hair and own a large number of patents in this field. They’ve produced not only some of the best razors for bikini area care, but great shavers and bikini trimmers too. In fact, if you’re looking for the best shaver for bikini area then Schick is a good bet.


All of the products we reviewed above are great options for keeping your pubes under control and looking great. If you can handle the discomfort then we’d recommend trying epilating a few times for complete hair removal. To shape your bikini area you’ll need an accurate, and sharp, bikini trimmer. Be prepared to spend a little more and get a wet / dry trimmer with its own internal rechargeable battery. This will enable you to have a great looking bikini area with minimal effort.